What are the Benefits of Self-Storage?

From modular homes to pop-up boutiques, shipping containers are being converted into a whole manner of constructions today. But one of the most popular uses for shipping containers is to use them for what they were originally intended – storage.

Shipping containers are, essentially, large metal boxes that were designed and built to transport cargo around the world, revolutionising world trade. They have been designed to withstand extremes of nature – wind, rain, high temperatures, low temperatures, snow, or anything else that Mother Nature has to throw at them.

Shipping containers are robust, sturdy, secure, and lockable, and this is why they are also perfect to be used for self-storage.

Here at Boxpod, we understand how self-storage can be incredibly valuable for both domestic customers and businesses.

In a world where space is of a premium, people and businesses are often looking for the best way to reduce the amount of space that they need. This might be through decluttering, hiring equipment instead of buying it, or just paying for extra space that, in reality, you are unlikely to use every day, just to store your items. So, what if there was somewhere that you can keep your belongings, equipment, documents, or machinery, that is less costly than expensive floor space, with good security, and the accessibility that you need?

In these cases, the answer is self-storage facilities. In these facilities, the storage space is provided in shipping containers (usually 20ft long x 8ft wide, but there are also sometimes with other lengths available). These could be stand-alone containers or in premises where they are stacked on top of each other or joined side by side. Self-storage facilities are convenient, available in all major towns across the UK, secure, and should allow you access when you need it.

When to Consider Using Self-Storage

There are many reasons why domestic customers and businesses decide to use self-storage. These are convenient places to store a wide range of items.

Self-Storage for Businesses

If you are looking to create some extra space in your business premises, you could consider moving some of the things that you don’t use regularly, into a self-storage unit. These could include:

  • Archived documents
  • Equipment that is used seasonally or only used occasionally
  • Spare equipment
  • Spare desks, chairs, and other furniture
  • Stock – especially if you are a small business operating out of home

While you won’t have as easy access as you would if you were to store all of these items onsite, you will still be able to access them easily, especially if your items are well organised inside the storage container. You can also be sure that they will be safe.

Self-Storage for Domestic Use

There are also many reasons why self-storage can be handy for domestic use. With home space at a premium, small lofts, and potentially, a lot of belongings that you don’t want to throw away, hiring a self-storage container is the perfect solution.

If you are looking to de-clutter your home, but are reluctant to throw these items away, self-storage is a safe and secure place where you can put them. This is also a great option if you are planning on moving house and feel that you want to de-clutter your home when you put it on the market.

If you have garden furniture or machinery that you don’t use all year round, you can store them in a self-storage container, ensuring that they are protected from bad weather as well as being kept safe, dry, and secure.

If you are going away for a length of time – maybe travelling, on an extended holiday, or on a gap year. Storing your belongings in a self-storage container again means that they are safe, secure, and protected. It also means that you can rent out your house to earn some extra money, or that you don’t need to find somewhere to store your belongings if you are between homes. Hiring a self-storage container is much more cost-effective than paying rent on a house or a room!

If you have had a baby and are hoping to have another, you may have a house full of baby equipment that you hope to keep for the next one. Items such as cots and prams can be put in a storage container so that you can make space for the new equipment that you need, without having to buy it all over again.

As more and more people are working from home you might be thinking of converting a room into a home office. To make way for the desk and any other office furniture and equipment that you need, you might need somewhere to put your other belongings… until you are allowed to properly go back into work again.

If you have a hobby that involves a lot of equipment or large machinery, a self-storage container may be the ideal storage solution. Whether you love pottery and have a couple of kilns, direct a drumming group, and have a plethora of drums to store, or run a football team, and have all of the equipment to look after over the summer, a storage shipping container is perfect.

The Benefits of Using a Shipping Container for Self-Storage

In addition to the benefits that you would get from being able to store your belongings in a storage container, there are several reasons why storage containers are an excellent option for storage.

If you choose the right facility, the container should be accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A self-storage facility’s reputation is based on the security that it can provide to you, so security should be excellent, and it should be an extremely safe place to store your items.

Compared to paying for square meterage in a building, storage container facilities are very cost-effective.

Storage space can be rented very quickly – often on the same day as you need it and you have flexibility over the amount of time that you keep it for.

The fact that the shipping container is a strong, metal box, means that it is secure and sturdy.

Shipping containers were built to transport items around the world. Once they have been used, they would normally be disposed of, so using a shipping container is actually an eco-friendly option.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for somewhere to store your spare desks and conference chairs at work, or are looking to create more space at home, hiring a self-storage container is an excellent option. They are safe, secure, eco-friendly, and extremely cost-effective for everyone.

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