Rural-urban space



Development and the environment is on the discussion agenda today. And one area to keep a close eye on is the rural-urban fringe.

Alister Scott, Professor of Environmental and Spatial Planning  at Birmingham City University, explains: “The rural-urban fringe is dominant UK space but is forgotten as a place in itself. It is a neglected, messy, exciting and dynamic space.

“The growth agenda fails to capture the hidden assets of nature and community in the rural –urban fringe.”

“The rural-urban fringe is a positive, creative and experimental space for bold planning strategy, policy and actions.”

Professor Scott will be sharing his views with representatives from Staffordshire County Council later today at a Midlands Shires meeting, where discussions will focus on raising the profile of the rural-urban fringe in the West Midlands, which “almost gets forgotten as the city takes all the focus”, says Professor Scott.